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Kocsis Engineering Inc. is a full-service engineering design firm specializing in Structural Engineering.  We have been involved in the structural design and construction of residential, commercial, recreational, institutional and industrial projects for over 20 years.


Our results oriented team of structural engineers, technologists, and draftsman work cohesively to provide practical, efficient, and innovative structural engineering solutions.  The steady growth of our company since its inception can be attributed to the healthy, on-going relationships we have developed with our clients.  These clients include: architects/designers, developers, contractors, owners, project managers, government agencies, real estate agents, and lawyers.


We have the technical knowledge and expertise with the design of various structural systems/materials including: reinforced concrete (cast-in-place and precast, prestressed or post-tensioned), structural steel, wood, and masonry.  There are numerous factors that contribute to selecting the appropriate structural systems/materials that integrate the structure with all other compenents of the building.


We understand how structure interacts with all aspects of a project and that a well designed structure works in harmony with other disciplines.  Careful consideration is taken when designing structural components ensuring they meet the requirements of the architect, other engineering disciplines, client and end users.  Working collaboratively with the entire project team from start to finish increases efficiency, minimizes oversight and leads to successful projects.  


We utilize a holistic design philosphy and believe that good design is truly in the details. Providing well detailed, site specific contract documents enables us to effectively communicate our design intent to all resulting in fewer construction issues in the field and allowing for more accurate pricing/quotations.


The construction industry is constantly evolving.  New materials and technologies are revolutionizing the way we design, build, and occupy the structures in the modern world.  We recognize the importance of staying up to date with technology, therefore, we are committed to on-going personal and professional development.  This thirst for knowledge, coupled with our experience and passion for the industry allows us to add value to each project. Expanding our technical expertise, consistently striving to improve, and focusing on collective, team-based collaboration enables us to continue providing cutting edge, sustainable, and economical structural solutions.   


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“Can one think that because we are engineers, beauty does not preoccupy us or that we do not try to build beautiful, as well as solid and long lasting structures? Aren’t the genuine functions of strength always in keeping with unwritten conditions of harmony? … Besides, there is an attraction, a special charm in the colossal to which ordinary theories of art do not apply.”
 - Gustave Eiffel
   Civil Engineer and Architect

Company History


The company was founded in 1999 by Paul Kocsis.  



Paul graduated from the University of Waterloo Bachelor of Applied Science (Civil) program in 1980 with a focus on structural steel and reinforced concrete design.  Following graduation he worked for numerous years as a structural engineer and project manager at C.C. Parker Consultants (currently Stantec) and Walter Fedy.  This experience proved to be invaluable early on in his career working alongside senior staff designing and overseeing construction on dozens of buildings and bridges across Ontario.  


Most notably was the 1.4 km long, post-tensioned Burlington Street bridge overpass in Hamilton's industrial corridor (completed in 1984).  During this time he learned the importance of transparent communication between the entire project team and simplifying structural details to provide practical, cost-effective structures.  Paul actively remains as President and Senior Structural Engineer overseeing all projects that come through the office.  His extensive knowledge and experience of structures, affable personality, and meticulous attention to detail have led to the successful completion of 100s of projects.  Give us a call and let us help you with your project needs. 

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